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Mrs. Frech's Class: Junior High Math



Welcome to Junior High Math!  My name is Jennifer Frech and I teach 6th, 7th, and 8th grade math.  This is currently my 13th year teaching at St. Joan of Arc.  I am a product of Catholic Schools, attending St. Michael's and Central Catholic.  I received my teaching degree from Grove City College in Pennsylvania and my master's degree from Walsh University.  My husband and I value Catholic education, choosing to send our children to Joan of Arc.  

Please read below to learn about some policies and procedures for class this year.  Communication between home and school is important for your child’s success, so please feel free to contact me throughout the year with any questions or concerns.  I can be reached by sending a note in with your child or through my school email,  You can also call and leave a message in my voicemail.  Please keep in mind that I am part-time and I am at SJA from 8:00-12:00. If you call in the afternoon, I will return your call the next school day.



Classroom Behavior and Effort

     All math classes in junior high require hard work and effort.  Students must be willing to put in 100% effort during class and are encouraged to ask questions and seek help when needed.  While I will monitor and assess daily, students need to be willing to pay attention, ask questions, and seek extra help when needed.  Students must be motivated and willing to work hard in order to be successful in class.


     Students should expect to have homework daily.  Students will receive instruction during class and will be assigned homework to practice the skills taught.  Also, Simple Solutions will be used on a daily basis, with one lesson being assigned daily.  Homework will not be graded, but students will be given points for completing each assignment.  Incomplete or missing work will receive a score of 0.  At the end of the grading period, homework points are tallied and a grade is given for homework.  Reaching 2 missing assignments will result in a loss of a conduct point for failure to complete classroom assignments.



     Grades are calculated using a point system and will be derived mainly from mini-quizzes, chapter tests, and weekly Simple Solutions quizzes.  At least a two day notice will be given for tests.  Mini-quizzes will not be announced and will cover material that was covered in class and reviewed for homework.  Staying on top of class notes and homework will keep students prepared for mini-quizzes…so don’t fall behind!  Simple Solutions quizzes will be given every Friday. 

     Each quarter, up to three graded papers can be corrected for credit.  Papers need to have a grade of a C or below and be signed by a parent.  Also, corrected papers need to be returned by Monday in order to receive credit.

     Academic honesty is extremely important and cheating will result in a zero.  Talking during a test or a quiz is considered cheating.



     If a student is absent, he or she is expected to get the notes from the day(s) missed. It can be difficult to catch up on missed material when a student misses class.  Due to the amount of material that needs to be covered throughout the year, there is not time to reteach a whole class lesson in order to catch the student up.  The absent student must seek help from a classmate or make an appointment with the teacher to learn the material that is missed. 

     If a student is absent on a test day, the test will be taken on the day he or she returns.  In the event of missing multiple days in a row, a student should consult with the teacher to get a timeline of due dates for missed work.  Any homework missed while absent will be expected to be completed and given to the teacher in order to receive credit for the assignment.


Favorite Websites - EXCELLENT site!  Containts videos to teach or review new concepts/skills plus tons of practice problems