It's never too early to start thinking about summer! Join one of our many summer programs to have some fun and enjoy learning opportunities unique to each student's likes and interests.
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Mr. Vero's

Occasional insights from the principal about various topics related to our campus. 

Mrs. DeComo's Blog

All the Fun in First Grade 

Mrs. Korecki's Blog

Kindergarten News. 

Mrs. Pfouts' Blog

All the fun in Kindergarten 

Miss Pariano's Blog

All the fun in Second Grade. 

Mrs. Leper's Blog

All the fun in Third Grade. 

Mrs. Leach's Blog

All the fun in Fourth Grade. 

Mrs. Paul's Blog

All the fun in Fifth Grade. 

Mrs. Ungashick's Blog

All the fun in Sixth Grade. 

Mrs. Ries' Blog

All the fun in Seventh Grade. 

Ms. Beck's Blog

All the fun in Eighth Grade. 

Mrs. Orsini's Blog

All the fun in Preschool at SJA. 

Mrs. Frech's Blog

Check out what is happening in Jr. High Math. 

Mrs. Czekansky's Blog


Mrs. Jameson's Blog

Art Class 

Mr. Kleinknecht's Blog

Computer & Physical Education Blog 

Mrs. Riendeau's Blog

Band: Grades 4-8 

Mrs. Ringley's Blog

Music Blog 

Mary Beth Long's Blog

Speech Blog 

Marcella Emmons' Blog

Title I Blog 

Mary Alexander's Blog

Intervention Specialist 

Mr. Kress's Blog

News and Notes from Mr. Kress's Grades 6-8 classrooms.